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At Metro Pro Transportation Inc., continuous innovation and learning define our identity as one of Canada’s best Logistic and Trucking Company. That is the reason why we believe in growing with competent employees, who can lead the company to global success. employees are the future of our company so we take special care in developing these individuals.

In order to become Leading Logistic and Transportation company, employees in our company are given high quality all round exposure in different functions of the company before being absorbed in suitable grades & functions depending on individual aptitude and company requirements.

At Metro Pro Transportation Inc., people enjoy a culture that promotes a high degree of involvement, continuous learning and enhances knowledge. We operate in an environment that is fair and transparent.

Metro Pro Transportation's employees enjoy excellent benefits, competitive salaries, professional development and growth opportunities.

So why not consider a career in a dynamic, fast-paced environment with opportunities for Growth and advancement

If you are up to it, please send in your resume at
Metro Pro Transportation Canada - Trucking Service - Carrier Service - Door-to-Door LTL - Full Truck Loads - Air Ride Equipment - Expedited Services - Logistics Trailers in Brampton, Ontario Canada

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